Company Overview

We are a company dedicated to providing a high level and professional exterior design service. Because we concentrate only on exteriors we provide a very personal service with a lot more attention and time paid to developing unique and original solutions.

We aim to provide the clients with an emotional link to the yacht through developed, well resolved and carefully detailed exteriors in the same way that you have an emotional link with a luxury car or watch. If you buy an expensive watch or car you buy it because it is an attractive product both visuall and functionally-it has that ‘wow’ factor.

Like the design of a car we design developed exterior surfaces around a functional package and like the design of a good watch we look at the fine details as an important part of the design. All our designs are exciting, visionary and innovative, and we like to create designs that have their own identity, -a yacht that stands out in the harbour!

As in the car design industry we like to think in 3d, and our design process is influenced heavily by practices carried out in the automotive industry. A yacht is not just a 2d elevation but a 3d form based around a functional package.

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